It is important that we receive your timeline information prior to your wedding day so that we can review it and make suggestions to facilitate a smooth flow of your day.

I can't express enough the importance of making sure your documents contain the most recent and your final information. These document are used in many locations of the barn on your wedding day for our staff as well as the catering staff to refer to. Please make sure that the total number of entrees you have chosen matches your guest count, or that you explain why these totals are different.  This is the information that we use to order your food, and we need to ensure that we have the right amount of entrees according to your guest count.   If your information changes, once you have submitted your documents, you will need to complete a whole new form and resubmit all of the information.  We won't take information changes via an email. We do ask that you do, however, send an email to us directly indicating that you had to make a change to a document that you had already submitted and let us know what your change was. 

Please let us know if you plan to do a rehearsal at the barn. If you are having it here, we need to know what time and for how long you plan to be here so we can staff accordingly. If you are having a rehearsal at a different location, we like to know this information as well, so we are aware of whether or not you practiced the processional for your ceremony. 

After your ceremony, please exit out the deck doors (weather permitting) and proceed down to one of the lower level patios for your receiving line.  This will assist us with getting your guests out of the hayloft so we can begin setting up immediately for dinner.

To ensure that we set up your dinner tables according to the seating chart you have chosen from the standard charts provided on our website that fit your guest count, it is important that this information be communicated to us before you do your table designation for your guests.  We also need to know where you want the location of your head table (stage or floor) and how many will be seated at it.  Please do not change the table numbers that are listed on the chart unless you plan to use names instead of numbers, however we ask that you let us know what names you gave according to our table numbers. 

If you are giving your guests the choice of more than one entree, we require you to have escort cards which will let our servers know which meal that guest has chosen.  The goal is to let guests know which table they are sitting at and to let the servers easily read what the guest’s meal selection is.  The escort card would be used for both designated buffet and plated service.  Please make sure the card be no smaller than a 2x3 piece of card stock.  We ask that you choose a light color paper and a dark font.  Place your guests name and table number in center of the card.  The guest’s food selection should be easily identified by the following, which we ask to be placed in large font on the back of the card. 

                                    Pork  – Picture of a pig or Uppercase “P”

                                    Chicken – Picture of a chicken or Uppercase “C”

                                    Beef – Picture of a cow or Uppercase “B”

                                    Vegetarian – Picture of a vegetable or Uppercase “V”

                                    Kids Meal – Picture of a toy or Uppercase “K”

I just want to remind you that if your table decor consists of more than a runner and one centerpiece, we ask that you designate someone to help set up your table décor, as well as help remove your decor at the end of dinner. This will ensure that your tables are decorated as you intended them to be, and that we keep your dinner and dance on schedule.

It is best to wait until both the salad and the dinner entrees have been served before you begin to have family members make their toasts to the newlyweds. This is crucial when it comes to having the dinner served on time.


Please remember that the rental of the venue for your event is from noon until midnight.  We do allow for you to stay until 12:30 a.m. to allow time for the removal of your personal items and decor.  If you don’t think that you can arrange for your items to be removed the night of your wedding, you can request Next Day Pickup for the fee of $95.   If you have not arranged for Next Day Pickup, and decide the night of your wedding to leave your personal items behind, there will be a fee of $190 to return to the venue, at a coordinated time, to retrieve your items.  Please be considerate of the following days events.