Wedding Costs Made Simple (Our most popular, inclusive packages**)

We are an all inclusive venue with an incredible staff that will take care of everything related to venue and food.  Choose our more relaxed, yet classy, garden party flow, with made-to-order, artisan pizzas served oven-side on our Fieldstone Patio, or the more traditional formal linen flow utilizing the unique levels of our charming 1890's dairy barn.

We have a virtual planning portal which simplifies your wedding planning as well as an on-site coordinator the day of your wedding. Special attention to the important details, as well as amazing farm-to-table or artisan pizza food options, and you have an incredible experience and memories to last a lifetime.

Garden Party Flow (Our exclusive brick oven artisan pizza option)

    1.     $4490 Base Fee*  (Peak Saturdays add $1000) 
    2.    $24.90 Per Guest Costs  
    3.   Package available every season

Formal Linen Flow

    1.     $4990*  (Peak Saturdays add $1000) 
    2.    $29.90 Per Guest Costs  (State tax & 20% gratuity applies)
    3.   Package available every season

             A.      *Saturdays November through May   (Base Fee)

             B.      *Saturdays in May through October               (Base Fee plus  $ 1000)

            C.     * Fridays-   10% off Base Fee
Sundays-  25% off Base Fee 

**Bar Services Package quoted separately, client supplies the alcohol

(State tax applies, 20% gratuity applies to service related items as customary)

We know that your needs are individual, and are happy to customize a package specifically tailored for you. Please inquire.