Garden Party Style 

Where rustic marries elegance…

Site Services Included:

  • Fully staffed during your venue rental time (standard package is noon - midnight)
  • Parking
  • Ceremony in the hayloft - White wispy shears allow us to unveil the bride upon entry 
  • Lower level bridal party changing area prior to ceremony
  • Cocktail time after ceremony in lower level parlor encased in ancient fieldstone
  • Mismatch wine glasses during cocktail/appetizer time
  • Dance floor amongst hayloft’s ancient timber frame structure - participation consistently very high
  • Our signature array of votive candles overhead in loft 
  • Outdoor torches lit at dusk when weather appropriate
  • Bistro tables and chairs on upper deck, slate patio, courtyard and milking parlor
  • Patio umbrellas
  • HD TV in milking parlor for slideshows
  • House sound system for ceremony, cocktail/appetizer time & dining
  • Fireplace seating area in lower level
  • Radiant heat when appropriate
  • Setup and site preparation staff
  • Changeover staff  and cleanup staff
  • Campfire in fire pit surrounded by benches

Catering Services Included: 

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Full Service Catering and Staff
  • Self-serve of appetizers after ceremony
  • Dessert & coffee service


  • Includes hand-crafted artisan pizza from our Italian brick oven.

Bar Package

  • Not included in Garden Party Package.  You purchase your own alcohol.  Bar services packages include bartenders, the bar area, walk in cooler, unlimited ice, and 4-CO2 keg tappers, soda, water, complimentary beverage, mixers for signature drink(s), as well as consulting, and full service on the day of your event. Quote supplied upon request.

We are a full service venue with an incredible staff that will take care of everything related to venue and food.  We prefer to supply you with all the details of a full package cost right up front to eliminate surprises later.  In doing so, we have implemented“wedding costs made simple”.   Click Here to get a simple cost breakdown from our inquiry department.

For Mid November through Mid April weddings, guest counts limited to 180 or less.

Photo | Beau Peterson Photography

Photo | Beau Peterson Photography