Special Note from the Owner...

I consistently tell my staff that it's not just another day of work on a wedding day....rather, it is someone's BIG day, and to see it through the eyes of a bride that awakened one day earlier in life and dreamed of having a fairytale wedding. Later in life she found that special prince to come alongside and share that vision of having that one special day of making memories that would forever be held special in their married life together.

I also tell my staff that we want to treat each wedding as if it is the only wedding we host that year, by paying special attention to each and every detail. The last ten percent of the details usually makes ninety percent of the difference in life, and this we specifically strive to hold true to on wedding days.

We believe these are some key reasons why we just don't have enough dates to fill each year, and why every Friday and Saturday and many Sundays are snatched up by wonderful couples from all across the nation. These are also in part the reasons why we keep getting recognized by well known publications such as Brides magazine and Wisconsin Bride magazine.

Now that you are aware that EVERY Friday and Saturday eventually fills in the peak season, as well as many non peak days and Sundays, let me share with you which day of the week is my favorite, and how it has become my favorite, through the eyes and comments of many of our past couples.

Here it goes....traditionally, Saturdays are the day that weddings typically have been held for a long time. So, naturally, as the barn grew in popularity, Saturdays would fill first. As the barn grew even more popular, we experienced many brides somewhat reluctantly booking Friday weddings because either they didn't want to wait until the next year, or they didn't want to get married anywhere else after falling in love with the magic the barn offers.

Time after time, we heard from those Friday brides that they were so happy they were "forced" into booking a Friday wedding. The main reason is they were then able to spend quality focused time on Saturday after the wedding with family and friends whom were from out of town and had traveled far to share in the nuptials. They also found that the important circle of friends as well as family didn't have any problem taking a day or two off to attend such a gala important occasion at an award winning venue in the heart of raw pastoral countryside in Wisconsin.

As well, Friday brides have the option of spending the night before with her girls for the last "girls night" being single in our wonderful luxury bridal Suite termed "The Loft...a Suite Nest". Additionally, many couples choose to partake in one of our rehearsal dinner packages on Thursday night at the barn, allowing a few "invited" guests to get a sneak preview of the venue the night before the BIG day.

We would be honored to hold such an important part in making your big day be the best it could possibly be.

Thank you, Lorin