On Wedding day, what time can we start setting up? 
Your package includes the venue from noon until midnight. You can pay $50 per hour to come early, but this is limited to 11am, unless there is not an event the previous day.  


Is there a cost associated with the bridal suite? 
Packages start at $295. 

What time can we check into the suite? 
If the suite is rented the night before, you will be able to check in at noon. If the suite is not rented the night before you can request to check in early. 

Set up/ Arrival

What time can the bride and groom be at the barn on wedding day? 
Noon is the time that the barn is open for set up. Our staff needs time to prepare the barn for your day. We do a fresh cleaning each wedding day morning.  

Will you be coordinating the day or do we need to have someone assign to make sure people are in the right place at the right time?
One of our staff will be the site manager for your day and ensure communication to your guests so that you are not responsible for keeping the timeline flowing. 


If you have a family member marrying you, is that okay? 
They need to be licensed by the State of Wisconsin or if licensed in another state, they need to get a sponsoring minister. Wisconsin leaves this open to your judgement as the bride and groom. Just keep in mind that having a non-licensed family member perform the marriage could result in problems down the road if either bride or groom decides to question the validity of the marriage. 

How many guests can fit upstairs for the ceremony and dinner? 
About 220. 

What is the average time couples have their ceremony start? 
Average time is 3pm - 5pm. 

Is there a guest limit on the hilltop ceremony?
No limit, but if you want chairs for every guest moved outside, we charge $3 per chair. The Barn has 220 white chairs at this time. Otherwise, some brides have had a couple rows for seating and the rest of the guests have stood. 


How many kegs can you have tapped at once? 
We have three keg tappers for beer and one for root beer. 

Do you have ice or space available for storing kegs?
Yes, we can keep 4 kegs cold in our chiller and we would keep any others on ice. Once the bartender is ready to tap the kegs, they are kept cold with our CO2/ice plate system.

How about wine glasses, are they provided if we supply the wine?
We supply wine glasses at the bar. Plastic beer cups are also included in your bar package cost. You can rent matching wine glasses for each place setting through our house caterer.

Cocktail Hour

How long does cocktail hour typically last?
Approximately 1 1/2 - 2 hours. 


Do you have lawn games available? 
We only have horse shoe pits, you can bring in your own lawn games. We do not allow lawn darts. 

What do we do about bugs, mosquitoes at night in the barn? 
We don't have a problem with mosquitoes. We think perhaps that it is because there is not a creek or pond close by. We do spray for ticks. 


Does the music stop at 11:45 or midnight?
The music can play until midnight and you will have time to gather your items and leave the barn.


Is it okay for guests to leave cars overnight at the barn?
Yes they can, but they need to be removed by 11 A.M the next day. 

Do you have a shuttle bus or bus service companies you recommend using for getting guest to the barn from hotels? 
Yes, please see the Vendor and Lodging guide. 


What are your thoughts on a wedding coordinator?
Is it necessary or do you both take care of most of those issues? If you are fairly organized, you probably don’t need one. We take care of everything related to the site and food at the venue on wedding day (please refer to your package details...Raw Romance package details on our website). A coordinator would be necessary if you felt you had a lot of décor and details to facilitate and didn’t want any family members or friends to oversee this.


If I reserve a date, how much money is due upfront?  Do we make monthly installments, or is payment due all at once?

Depending on the type of event you book, a deposit is required($500 for an Elope, $1500 for Garden Party or Formal Linen Flow).  Another $1000 is due 6 months from the date of your event for both the Garden Party and Formal Linen Flows, none is required for an Elope.  Your final payment is due 2 weeks before your event.  We ask that deposits be made by check and are mailed to The Enchanted Barn, 1543 6 1/2 Avenue, HIllsdale, WI 54733.