Elope With Us

At The Enchanted Barn – More than a site. Beyond a destination.

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Don’t wait....Elope, at a century-old, charm-restored dairy barn with structure of ancient timbers in a quiet pastoral setting. A gorgeous romantic getaway in Hillsdale, Wisconsin where time slows down enough to experience the memories being made.

Remember it is really about you as a couple, and if a small intimate experience is what you wish for without any distractions, then come away and realize your dream.  When you leave you will suddenly realize you were married and more imoportantly the memory of the special beginning will not be forgotten.

Our 'Elope With Us' packages include but are not limited to:

  • Sunrise / Sunset
  • Spring / Fall 
  • Summer / Winter
  • Indoor / Outdoor
  • Short / Long
  • Sweet / Spicy
  • Hilltop / Meadow
  • Traditional / Eclectic
  • Sun / Rain
  • Dusk / Dawn

Forfeit the financial and planning stresses of a “big white”, and take a fraction of what you save and pamper yourselves with luxuries that enhance the intimacy and sacredness of the moment. Spend as many nights as you wish in our rustic luxe suite, with exquisite dining options and spa services upon request.