There are two main components of this submittal; PROFILE AND WISH LIST.  Any wish list items that are chosen will become part of your wedding day profile. 



Our packages include everything that you need to have an amazing wedding. However, we have listed below some options our venue offers beyond the baseline packages. For detailed descriptions of the items listed, please see the Wish List Items located in the resources section.  

* are required fields. Please be sure to fill out all required and necessary fields before submission.

Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
Arrival Time (Wedding Day) *
Arrival Time (Wedding Day)
Make sure to reference the Wedding Day Timeline to account for necessary setup and take down time. If prior to standard arrival time (i.e. noon), please indicate in appropriate selection further down for additional onsite time.
Additional on-site hours before noon on Fridays and Saturdays (pending availability). Sunday early arrival is also allowed - please note that Sunday site rental is from 11am- 11pm. $50/hr.
Will you need to stay past midnight on the evening of the ceremony? Can only extend up until 1 am. For Sunday events, this would be anytime after 11:00 pm, up until midnight. ($200 per half hour)
Ceremony Start Time *
Ceremony Start Time
Time the ceremony begins. 4 pm ceremony would accommodate dance start around 8ish pm.
Ceremony Location *
Outdoor ceremony requires additional cost of $3 per guest for chairs and setup as well as separate sound system at $150.
Will the couple see each other before the ceremony? *
This will help us to know how wide the isle needs to be for the ceremony.
List order of wedding party from first to last, including any parents, grandparents, minister, ringbearer, flowergirl, etc that you wish to walk up the aisle to your processional music. Please also make note if/where song transitions happen relative to persons. Please include groom as well unless he will walk up from side.
Ceremony Needs *
Check all that apply.
Please note any specific / special ceremony needs that are not listed above.
End of Ceremony Time *
End of Ceremony Time
Best estimate.
Dinner Time *
Dinner Time
Please refer to the timeline document or Planning Guide found in the Resources. Minimum dinner time start for Formal Linen Flow is two hours past ceremony end, however, is affected by guest count and amount of table decor. If Garden Party Flow, please enter the time the first group should order their pizzas in the glass barn.
Please Note (if filling out draft profile for the first time): to secure a caterer for your date, you will need to email as soon as you know which style you would like to go with. Once we confirm their availability, a $500 caterer retainer check sent to The Enchanted Barn will be required to lock them in for your date. When at all possible, this step should occur at least four months prior to your wedding. Formal Linen Flow will select between Bistro Style and Farm Fresh Style. Garden Party Flow is always Fieldstone Artisan Pizza, so if that is selected please mail the caterer retainer at your earliest convenience so that our preferred artisan pizza chef can be secured for your date.
Dance Start Time *
Dance Start Time
Dance is typically 4-5 hours after the ceremony start time. This depends on guest count, plating style, length of speeches and toasts, and dessert style.
We recommend this to happen at the entrance of the dance.
Select all that apply. In lieu of a DJ for your dance, we supply and set up our sound system and you supply someone to run it. Use of our sound system for ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner is complimentary.
We recommend that you utilize our Milking Parlor HDTV with a pre-trialed flash drive. The other option is for you to bring in your own projector, projection screen and laptop to project your slideshow prior to the dance in the Hayloft.
If answer is yes please indicate the times below.
Shuttle Service Arrival before ceremony
Shuttle Service Arrival before ceremony
Arrival time of first shuttle bus to the barn prior to ceremony.
Please indicate your planned shuttle service times back to the hotel.
Rehearsal Date *
Rehearsal Date
Rehearsal does not include dinner, dinner packages are available.
Rehearsal Time *
Rehearsal Time
Rehearsal Dinner
Will you be having dinner at The Enchanted Barn with your Rehearsal? $125/hour (Min 3 hrs) Dinner packages available upon request.
Walk in cooler to pre-cool your beverages, Keg C02 system including 4 beer taps, as well as ice for your whole event. Bartenders will be staffed by The Enchanted Barn.
$.60 per person. Mis-matched wine glasses are complimentary in Milking Parlor during cocktail hour. Matching wine glasses are used for dinner service and placed at each place setting. You must order wine for this to be at each table, or poured at each place setting, which requires table service which can be selected on the Bar Info form.
You provide champagne and also contract pouring service through the bar attendant through the Bar Info submittal. This is required for champagne service.
If you are having a champagne toast, indicate below at what time you would like to have it. nor does it cover the cost of champagne flute rental. If you choose this service, you must also rent champagne glass flutes at cost of $1/guest. Also, refer to Bar Info submittal for associated bar attendant service fees.
Please enter the name (first / last) of your personal attendant. Please give us the name of the person in charge of setting up your table decor if different. One table center piece is included in the setup. Any additional set up must be done by a family member or friend. This also includes taking center pieces off of tables after the dinner before dance.
The Raw Romance package includes staff of barn will place one client supplied centerpiece per table at no charge, or, if additional items, you have a designated person/s to assist, no charge. Or, you can request we staff accordingly to place additional items.
The Raw Romance package includes staff of barn will remove one client supplied centerpiece per table at no charge, or, if additional items, you have a designated person/s to assist, no charge. Or, you can request we staff accordingly to remove additional items.
Candle Policy *
Will you be having candles as a part of your table decor during dinner? All lit candles will be subject to a $1/per candle surcharge in accordance to our policies. This excludes the candles suspended from the ceiling in the Hayloft.
Please enter the total number
Please refer to menu list for actual dessert options. Select type of desired dessert below. Includes presentation, cutting, plates, forks and napkins. We allow you to bring in your own dessert, however, service by our staff is required, as the prep takes place while your guests are having dinner. (You also supply root beer and ice cream for root beer floats)
Where would you like the couples cake cut. We suggest this to be done in the milking parlor but it can be done at the end of dinner at the head table. Guests will still have dessert downstairs either way.
Will you be ordering Amish Donuts through The Enchanted Barn? Please see Wish List Items in resources for additional information.
Please select if you would like your donuts delivered by the Amish in a horse and buggy at dessert time ($50 *Available Thurs-Sat. Only) Or if you would like us to pick them up ahead of time for you ($10)
Décor can be held at the barn overnight for next morning pick up for $95. Pick ups must be done before 11am the following day. Note if you take your décor the night of the event there is no fee. If you decide last minute to leave your items it is a $190 fee invoiced to you after the wedding date. Note: This covers staffing to take care of your décor clean up before we can start the preparation for the next days events.
Have you made a reservation with
Grande Shanty Check-in Date
Grande Shanty Check-in Date
Check-in time for the Grande Shanty is 1pm. Please email us if you would like to see if an early check-in would be available.
Grande Shanty Check-out Date
Grande Shanty Check-out Date
Check-out time for the Grande Shanty is 11am on your check-out date.
The Loft Suite (Yes or No) *
We can only guarantee availability for the night of the wedding. All other dates are subject to availability.
Please list the requested dates (nights) you would like to reserve. (I.E. 6/11, 6/12).
If you plan to use the Suite for you and bridesmaids getting ready prior to pictures, please have bridesmaids remove personal items if possible. Select below if you would like Suite refreshed by our staff prior to end of dance.
The Loft Suite Side Rooms *
Please list the requested dates (nights) you would like to reserve. (I.E. 6/11, 6/12).
Suite Breakfast *
This is a complimentary continental breakfast for the couple in the morning.
Includes props, attendant, 2 photo strips per print, digital copy of all photos.
Includes cups, creamer, decaf & regular coffee, sugar and stir sticks. $.50 per person. We recommend service of coffee regardless of season.
Complimentary for cocktail hour.
In addition to the complimentary beverage service a beverage cart is offered with additional beverages. Choices include (lemonade, pink lemonade, raspberry lemonade, Arnold palmer, iced tea, sweet tea). Comes with colored straws, glasses, napkins, refills done all day, garnished with lemons. $75 base charge.
Please list your Lemonade Stand choices if applicable.
If flavor selected for 'Option 1', add $25 ($75 total).
If flavors selected for 'Option 1 & Option 2', add $25 ($100 total).
Includes cups, creamer, decaf & regular coffee, sugar and stir sticks. $.50 per person.
Served after dinner before the dance, includes two flavor choices. Available choices: Chocolate, Vanilla, Cookies and Cream, and Mint Chocolate Chip. For an additional $1/person Sundae toppings are provided: whip cream, cherries, chocolate syrup, caramel, peanuts.
Please list your two ice cream flavor choices.
Late night, during the dance. Flavors include: salted and cheddar. Includes setup, popcorn, containers for display, and napkins as well. Base Price is $75.00 plus per person for for how many flavors you want.
Includes fire pokers, marshmallows, candy bars, graham crackers, displayed in parlor, served around the bonfire. $100
$15.99 each. Typically served between 9:30 and 10:30. Comes with parmesan, oregano, napkins & plates. 16" pizzas cut into 12 slices. Gluten Free will incur a $5 up-charge per pizza.
$2 per guest. Ellsworth Creamery Cheese Curds served fresh! Available flavors: Natural, Cajun, Garlic, Ranch, Taco & Hot Buffalo. Less than 100 guests get 2 flavor options. Over 100 guests get 4 flavor options.
Less than 100 guests, please choose 2 flavors. Over 100 guests, please choose up to 4 flavors.
$1 per guest. A mixture of Gardetto's and Pretzels served either individually or paired brilliantly with our Late Night Cheese Curds.