Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
Rehearsal Date *
Rehearsal Date
Rehearsal does not include dinner, dinner packages are available.
Rehearsal Time *
Rehearsal Time
Rehearsal Dinner *
Will you be having dinner at The Enchanted Barn with your Rehearsal? Dinner packages available upon request.
The Loft Suite (Yes or No) *
We can only guarantee availability for the night of the wedding. All other dates are subject to availability.
Suite Breakfast *
This is a complimentary continental breakfast for the couple in the morning.
The Loft Suite Side Rooms *
Please list the requested dates (nights) you would like to reserve. (I.E. 6/11, 6/12).
Arrival Time (Wedding Day) *
Arrival Time (Wedding Day)
Make sure to reference the Wedding Day Timeline to account for necessary setup and take down time.
Will the couple see each other before the ceremony? *
Ceremony Start Time *
Ceremony Start Time
Time the ceremony begins.
Ceremony Location *
Ceremony Needs *
Check all that apply.
Please note any specific / special ceremony needs that are not listed above.
Please use following format (HR:MM).
This will help us to know how wide the isle needs to be for the ceremony.
Please enter the name (first / last) of your personal attendant. Please give us the name of the person in charge of setting up your table decor if different. One table center piece is included in the setup. Any additional set up must be done by a family member or friend. This also includes taking center pieces off of tables after the dinner before dance.
Please refer to the timeline document found in the Resources. Minimum dinner time start is two hours past ceremony, however, is affected by guest count and length of ceremony.
Please pick which plating style you choose to have your dinner served.
Dance Start Time *
Dance Start Time
Dance is typically 4-5 hours after the ceremony start time. This depends on guest count, plating style, length of speeches and toasts, and dessert style.
We recommend this to happen at the entrance of the dance.
We recommend that you utilize our Milking Parlor HDTV with a pre-trialed flash drive. The other option is for you to bring in your own projector, projection screen and laptop to project your slideshow prior to the dance in the Hayloft.
If answer is yes please indicate the times below.
Shuttle Service Arrival before ceremony
Shuttle Service Arrival before ceremony
Arrival time/s to the barn prior to ceremony.
Shuttle Service Departure back to hotel
Shuttle Service Departure back to hotel
Time/s of departure of shuttle from the barn to the hotel.
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