What is Love? Does any body know anymore?? We ALL want it! We ALL need it! We ALL search it! We ALL find it! OR, DO WE!?!

Let’s get back to the basics. Let’s return to the basics! “Raw Romance”…how does that sound?…

I thought so….


Get ready for MAGIC with the new blog, Love On 6-1/2 Ave.

So… that is the essence of this new blog on love, destined to be the most incredible, awesome blog related to love and romance…EVER!

So, if you are reading this, you are the beginnings of what will be…history! Many, not hundreds, not thousands, not millions, no…billions of readers will follow…so jump on board, we WILL rediscover love.

LOVE…starting out, in the true meaning, has been lost…let’s get back to the roots! Let’s shake it down, refine, evaluate, and just plain begin… a journey…ALL of us, on the true meaning of love, and I believe we will be better, more fulfilled, have more hope and contentment, as we begin to sail along a new refreshing path.

Many of us have seen The Notebook. We ALL have memories which have become our own “gold standard” on love, yet, for many of us, it is only a memory, which we would love to return to…so, Let’s Do It!!!

Are you in? Are you on board?? If so…your comments will tell us so, and, will be seen by not only us, but the world!!

And, if so, good stuff will follow!

This blog will consist of the best of what we can find on love, which will many times be based on the feedback and comments of each and everyone of you…the readers, and co-narrators! Get ready for magic!