Growing up, I remember hearing the story, over and over again…but it just never sunk in. Until, last February, I boarded the train at 2am in Chico CA headed towards Pasco WA. The sleeper didn’t trump the visual trek through the moonlit peaks and valleys of the snow laden Cascades. Moonlight gave way to sunrise, which awakened the desire to partake of a nice breakfast in the dining car. As I was finishing breakfast, having a conversation with a gentleman I had just met, the train approached a depot…I looked out the window, and time suddenly stood still. I gently told the gentleman, just wait, this is an unexpected moment.


The sign on the old weathered depot said “Klamath Falls”…it was in that instant all the memories of those repeated stories of new-found love came back to me, in living color…so,  here it goes.

During WWII, my young mother,  made the journey with her father from Wisconsin out to Pasco WA, searching for work. Upon arrival and securing a job, she graced the military USO where the navy boys came searching for love. It was there where she met my father, and they fell in love.

Then my father was transferred after a few months to Klamath Falls, Oregon. After many weeks of letter writing (of which I will share some copies in future posts), my mother boarded the train from Pasco to Klamath Falls. What she would find to her surprise upon arrival, was my father on bended knee, with that ever important question, WILL YOU MARRY ME?? A few days later, April 15th, 1945, they made a commitment which lasted their lifetime.


A navy boy and midwesternfarmers daughter….

Of course, the rest is history, and here I am, the youngest of seven children, writing about the beginnings, here on Love On Six and a Half Ave. Possibly, this “long story short” was the beginning of “Raw Romance”, as many have now experienced, at the wonderful sacred place known as The Enchanted Barn. Is it coincidence that my father raised my siblings and myself on an 80 acre dairy farm, with a barn much like it in many ways?


Now, entering the tenth year of “beginnings” here at The Enchanted Barn, there are many, many, unique stories of love, and Raw Romance. You ask…what is meant by “raw”…” Well, basically just…. basic, less is more, simple, real, back to what matters…kind of love and romance. And that is what we try to capture here at the barn, and now, in this blog…in order to have a place to share those unique moving stories of beginnings, as well as journeys, of REAL love.